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General tab:

[1] Title: You can enter title for this shortcode

[2] Blog style: Currently, this shortcode has 13 styles. You can free to select each of them to design for your website

[3] Blog List style: You can select Grid Bootstrap style or Owl Carousel style. It’s up to you

Blog options tab:

[4] Load more: If you want your posts to be loaded more, you can enable this mode. Otherwise, disable

[5] Build Query: This is one of the new feature to build this shortcode. We design this in order to help the users can have more choices to build shortcode Blog with their own ways. When you click on Build query button, you will see more options

[5.1] Post types: Select the styles for your posts by click on the boxes

[5.2] The conditions to filter your posts

[5.3] Categories: Enter categories if you want your posts to display as those categories

[5.4] Tags: Filter output by posts tags, enter tag names here

[5.5] Taxonomies: Filter output by custom taxonomies categories, enter category names here

[5.6], [5.7]: Enter some information to filter

[5.8] Enter the px number for Thumbnail Widget and Height posts

Here are some styles of this shortcode displayed in homepage

Style 02

Style 03

Style 04

Style 08

Style 10

Style 11

Style 12

Style 13