Eciga – Products


This shortcode has some different styles. And here we will show all to guide for you

General tab:

[1] Title: Add title

[2] Title’s style: There are some different styles to decorate for title

2.1: If you select Gradient Style, you will be able to config somethings:

[3] Product list style: 3 styles to select

[4] Product style: Just 2 styles: For default deal

[5] Image size: You can select default style for your product images. Or select Custom to edit manually product image

Product options tab:

[6] Product Category: If you want your products to display as category, enter categories there to filter

[7] Target: There are several of targets. But if you select Target is Products, you can enter manually products in [8]

And here, Products will display in front end with 2 styles: Default and Deal.