Custom Product Attribute

This guideline will help you to add some custom attributes for your products. You can add more such as: Color, size, material, ….

Steps 1: In Dashboard > Products > Attributes, please enter the Name and Slug for the new attribute. Remember to click on Enable Archives if you want that attribute to have product archives in your store > then Add attribute

In Type: You should choose Box style when you create the attribute is Color. Then you can add color boxes when customers choose.

Step 2: Click on Configure terms to add more the specific attributes

Step 3: Continue to add the specific attributes > then Add new

* In Type, there are some types you.

– Type: Color

With Type is Color, then you are allowed select the color

– Type: Photo

 You can upload an image thumbnail to describe for your color

– Type: Label


Step 4: Come back to your Product configuration, select Attributes then choose the attribute you have created. Here, you also can see some of attributes that we created


Step 5: Then add attributes for your product.

Click Select all if your product has all of those colors; or you can type one by one

Now let’s see how the attributes work