Kuteshop – Products


In General settings tab:

[1] Title: You can add title when you are using Brand or Countdown

[2] Box Brand: When you select Yes, there will have one more tab to set up is Box Brand tab

For this box, you can upload a banner, add description and add some of products which have the same banner together

.. it will be displayed like this (on Homepage 1 for example)

[3] Enable Countdown: When you tick on this box, you will be allowed to config for countdown style

  => Note: Here you can enter title for product tab.
… and it will display like this:

[4] Product style: Currently we have total of 17 styles

[5] Image size: There are a lot of available sizes for product images. However if you want to use your own size, please select Custom, then you will be allowed to align the size for your product images

In Products Options tabs

[6] Product category: Select the products that belong to their category

[7] Target: When you select is Product, you can type in [8] Products specific products to be displayed