Tecko – Products


There are some tabs of this shortcode that you have to focus on

General tab:

[1] Title: Enter title for shortcode if you want

[2] Box product layout: There are some several layout that you can select to design

[3] Product style: There are some several styles that you can select to design for product

[4] Select No/Yes to style border to product

[5] Image size: You can select one of available sizes for your product. Or choose Custom to style product size (with width and height) as your idea

Product Options tab:

[6] Product Category: Enter some product categories there to make sure that your products will be shown as those categories

[7] Target: If you choose target is Products, you have to enter manually products in [8] you want to show. If you choose the other one (for example On sale), you should add some conditions in [9] to make products show correctly

Shortcode displays in homepage with some different styles